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*PARDAFASH BREKING- “Suspended IPS GP Singh reached High Court July 9, 2021″*

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                                                                     Suspended IPS GP Singh reached High Court

Bilaspur. Suspended IPS GP Singh has taken refuge in the High Court regarding the action being taken against him. In the petition filed, he has demanded a CBI inquiry, challenging the registration of a case against him. At present, the bench has not fixed the date of hearing.

Giving information in this regard, Senior Advocate Kishore Bhaduri said that GP Singh has demanded a CBI inquiry, alleging that the investigation was biased. Apart from this, he has questioned that on whose behest the investigation has been started. Along with this, he has demanded the inclusion of all the facts in the investigation.

Let us inform that after receiving complaints continuously, Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) and Economic Investigation Wing (EOW) had entered the official bungalow of IPS GP Singh at 6 am on July 1. Crores of rupees were recovered in about 75 hours of raids. The ACB team had registered a case against IPS GP Singh under Section 13(1)B, 13(2) of the Prevention of Corruption Act, 2018 as amended.

Documents revealed the conspiracy

At the same time, during the raid, dossiers, toolkit documents and pen drives were found from the government bungalow of ADG GP Singh and his close ones. After examining the documents, such things have come to the fore, which was pointing towards conspiracy against the government. In this case, the Kotwali police has registered a case of sedition against GP Singh.

First case of sedition in Chhag

In Chhattisgarh, this is the first case of sedition registered against an officer of Indian Services i.e. IAS, IPS and IFS. Earlier this case has not been registered against any officer of Indian Service. Earlier on July 5, as soon as the ACB report was submitted, the government had suspended IPS officer GP Singh.

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